The State of Mobile Search 2013—a new report from eMarketer

“As mobile internet use in the US ramps up, small-screen browsers are gaining traction with consumers and marketers. Brands investing in mobile SEM and SEO have scored several home runs, but curveballs from Google and Apple have knocked some marketers off their game.” eMarketer April 2013 – The State of Mobile Search 2013—Key Trends in Mobile SEO and SEM

I recently was interviewed by eMarketer analyst Cathy Boyle on the challenges marketers now face in a multi-device search ecosystem and the resulting report, The State of Mobile Search 2013—Key Trends in Mobile SEO and SEM, is now available. I should probably preface any mention of eMarketer with the disclosure that my writing partner, Noah Elkin, is one of their principal analysts but in all honestly, they are my most indispensable resource for industry insights and I highly recommend them. This report is only available to subscribers so if you aren’t a subscriber, I’ll give you a brief overview of what is covered. Cathy’s discussions with me and with other digital strategists such as Bryson Meunier of Resolution Media, Gordon Lanpher of Adidas and Dave Williams of BLiNQ Media, focused on such key questions as:

  • What makes mobile searchers unique?
  • To what degree are US marketers implementing mobile SEO tactics?
  • What is the growth trajectory of mobile paid search spending in the US?
  • How effective is mobile paid search?
  • What do advertisers need to know about Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?
  • Have upgrades to iOS 6 made organic search harder to track?
  • The resulting report is full of useful insights on multi-device SEO strategies and SEM and the impact of responsive design and dynamic URL serving on both as well as numerous charts that illustrate the current state of of mobile search. With eMarketer’s permission I’ve included one here that I think neatly sums up the scope of the opportunity—if the difference between calls to business are this stark, can you really afford to neglect your mobile search strategy?

    April 2013 mobile search insights from eMarketer
    April 2013 mobile search insights from eMarketer

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