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Massive change is kind of an understatement. Today, our attention is spread out across a multitude of devices, social machines, digital surfaces and connected and convergent spaces of all kinds. Familiar forms of media are morphing, evolving, and, in some cases, disappearing altogether. Our attention spans are shorter, our expectations higher and we’re more vocal, more demanding, more wired (and more wireless) than any consumers who came before us. For marketers, it was much, much easier when our biggest concern was “does it work in Internet Explorer on a Mac?”.
The Responsive Brand, my new book, co-authored with eMarketer’s Noah Elkin explores how brands are rising to the challenge of the real-time, multi-screen consumer. In it, we look at some of world’s biggest brands and how they are handling the hurdles of the new digital economy, including:

  • Multiscreen content strategy
  • Multiscreen user experience design
  • Native advertising
  • The connected in-store experience
  • Digital lobbies and showrooms
  • The connected home
  • Connected cars
  • Social machines
  • Smart TV
  • Wearable technology
  • Digital payments and virtual currencies

We’re talking to designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, agency executives, and brand marketers about how the old fashioned advertising principles from the Don Draper days: Product, Price, Placing, and Promotion; are evolving in the face of the new 4Ps of of marketing: Portability, Personalization, Proximity,and Presence. The book is slated for publication in 2014 and we’ll be releasing excerpts of chapters and select interviews with participating brands and thought leaders on

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