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When Wiley publishing asked Noah Elkin and I to write Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day, we wondered whether it made sense to write  an analogue book about digital media. Things change so fast that we worried our advice would be outdated before we even went to print. But we decided there was a real need for marketing professionals to understand how mobile is changing every aspect of our industry and that’s what our book is designed to do. Chapter by chapter, it takes you through the mobile ecosystem, from the basic elements of building a strategy, to designing mobile apps, to future-forward topics like NFC and proximity payments.

The book is now available for purchase on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and is on the shelves of major booksellers throughout the U.S. For a deeper dive into what you’ll find in the book as well as interviews, articles, and other up-to-date resources, please visit the book website at

What industry influencers have to say about Mobile Marketing: An Hour A Day

“Nothing gets you closer to your consumer than mobile. And nothing gets to closer to mobile marketing perfection than Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day.” — Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association and Co-Author of What Sticks

“This is a crucial read for anyone trying to make sense of the mobile space and understand how to best leverage mobile for marketing. Easy-to-follow principles make it simple to develop your strategy and help you stay ahead of your competition.” — Maria Mandel Dunsche, Vice President, Marketing & Media Innovation, AT&T AdWorks

“Elkin and Pasqua expertly detail the mobile landscape, tactics, and tools available to today’s mobile marketer. This is a must-read.” — Sara Holoubek, CEO, Luminary Labs

“This book is filled with clear, well thought-out strategic guidance on all things mobile, with expert perspectives to help customize the strategy on an individual business (and budget) level.”
— Joy Liuzzo, President, Wave Collapse

“This is now my go-to book for mobile. Not only does it have the brain trust going for it, but it also has the data to back it up.” — Rob Garner, VP Strategy, iCrossing and author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing

There are two meaningful misconceptions about mobile: one is that it is about devices, and the other is that it is a single, homogenous thing. Mobility is a consumer context: you are mobile whether you’re in the office on your phone, in the living room watching television, or on a plane on a tablet. What you’re doing and what mobility means to you are very different things in each of those contexts, and for marketers, the applications in each of those settings can vary greatly. Refreshingly, Noah and Rachel deeply understand this and offer practical advice to help you successfully take advantage of the most personal and measurable medium ever available to a marketer. — Eric Litman, CEO Medialets

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