Coin: is it really the only card you need?

The buzz about Coin continues since I posted my review last week on but the company has yet to address any of the concerns voiced by me and other tech bloggers. Namely, how useful will it be if they don’t manage to make official deals with credit card companies? How will you deal with the issue of potentially fraudulent charges? What’s more, will merchants even think about accepting it as valid payment without the American Express, Visa, and Mastercard giving it their stamp approval? How many will accept it even if the do? My gut says that while it seems like a convenience, it will be more trouble than its worth trying to actually use your Coin anywhere. And with more streamlined solutions like contactless payments and cryptocurrency around the corner, why bother will such a fleeting solution? After all, you can easily save your loyalty cards to an all-in-one all like Keyring and just carry your ATM and a few credit cards. You can read the original review over at my book blog….

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